CLOE (Cat Litter Odor Eliminator) & Small Animal Odor Eliminator Science

CLOE (Cat Litter Odor Eliminator) & Small Animal Odor Eliminator

CLOE and Small Animal OE use the same technology as Sx Stall, packaged to fit their markets.

Summary and Review

Sx Calf Oral Electrolyte-  Targeted for cow/calf operations and dairies, Sx Calf has developed a reputation of returning dehydrated calves to a healthier status quickly, helping them get through their first 14 days, where they are unable to develop their own immune response to disease.  Ideally, calf health involves a total approach to hygiene, involving a clean environment, the proper amount and timing of high quality colostrum, and good clean milk to drink until they are able to digest solid food. 

Sx Stall Treatment- The advantages of Sx Stall are that it reduces ammonia better, is easier to use and lasts longer than competitive products currently on the market.  Once a horse owner has experienced Sx Stall, they become sold on the product and continue to use it.  We are now offering Sx Stall in bulk barrels also.

CLOE and Small Animal-  These products are designed to fit the companion animal and small farm markets.  They work well and have a long shelf life. 

Coming Soon- We have some exciting products in the works for swine, poultry, and canine coming. For additional information, contact Bryan Blatt at

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