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Amonia in Horse Stalls

Ammonia is a major problem in equine stables throughout the entire United States.  The problem can be exacerbated when the weather is either too hot or too cold to leave all of the stable doors and windows open.  Horses and people alike suffer health issues from high levels of ammonia.  Common effects include irritation of skin, eyes, sinuses, nasal passages, and respiratory tract, difficulty breathing, coughing and mucus accumulation.  Horses need an ammonia-free environment to perform well.  Students choose their stables partly by the stable environment. Click on the picture of Zane Davis to hear what he has to say about Sx Stall Treatment.  


Ammonia in Horse Stables

Sx Stall Treatment is an excellent tool to reduce the ammonia concentration in stables.  It was new on the market in 2020.  Compared to other options, it has significant advantages.  Instead of masking the smell of ammonia, it interferes with the development of urease, which is an enzyme required to turn urine into ammonia.  It uses similar organic-based components to achieve this, and is quickly developing a devoted following.

The product comes in a 9.5 lb. jug for most retail locations and smaller stables.  For larger operation, it is available in barrels and totes of various sizes.  You can observe the actual application instructions at this YouTube site.

Zane Davis

Fischer Farms- One of the best testimonials we have received so far, is one from Missy Fischer who owns Fischer Farms with her family in South Dakota.  They raise and breed performance horses.  At any one time, they have about 400 horses on their farm.  Their barns include two 20-stall barns.  Among their champion horses is “Strait from Texas”, which is a 4-time AQHA Champion and 4-time APHA Reserve Champion. 

During the winter months, when the doors and windows of the barns must be closed to keep in the heat, the ammonia had become a major problem.  Missy had come across Sx Stall Treatment and had her staff try it compared to PDZ.  The unanimous feedback from the staff was that Sx Stall Treatment by far worked better.  She explained, “barn lime will dry the stalls, but does nothing for the odor. PDZ helps the odor, but doesn’t last nearly as long as Sx Stall Treatment”. 

Missy scoured the retail farm stores in Eastern S. Dakota, buying all the Sx Stall Treatment she could find.  Eventually, she contacted Bryan directly.  He was able to help her get the product in bulk barrels.  This lowered her costs significantly.